liquid seaweed extract for blueberries

AlgaPure is brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum extract powder or flakes. The main ingredients are natural bioactive substances and mineral nutrients that are beneficial to the growth and development of plants, including alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic polymer compounds, mannitol, betaine, and plant growth Regulaters substance.

Seaweed fertilizer for walnuts

AlgaK + AlgaNPK + AlgaCa liquid seaweed extract trials on walnuts show improved fruit set and nut retention, as well as higher nut yields, resulting in excellent returns for the grower: Improves rooting of nursery trees Stimulates root and shoot development Improves the development of new roots in spring Better nut set and retention ofContinue reading “Seaweed fertilizer for walnuts”

seaweed water soluble fertilizer

Seaweed water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-element water-soluble fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water. It can quickly dissolve in water and is easier to be absorbed by crops. Moreover, its absorption and utilization rate is relatively high. Of quick-acting fertilizers,it not only contains a large number of elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium required for cropContinue reading “seaweed water soluble fertilizer”

green seaweed extract liquid

As the leading manufacturer and exporter of seaweed extracts in China, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation uses technology of cell wall cold breakage and countercurrent extraction to produce green seaweed extract liquid from fresh sargassum, it is called phlorotannins, which is a unique class of polyphenolic compounds contained in brown seaweed . The production line adoptsContinue reading “green seaweed extract liquid”

seaweed extract

what’s seaweed extract?seaweed extract refers to the water soluble extract from brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum. The effective ingredients in the seaweed applied to plants as nutrients, which can promote plant growth and improve Yield and improve the quality of agricultural products. Seaweed extract can be formulated with a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium andContinue reading “seaweed extract”

seaweed extract uses in agriculture

seaweed extract, alginate oligosaccharide, seaweed extract liquid polyphenol and fish protein are all important marine biological resources. When applied to agriculture, they can regulate crop growth balance and improve fruits or vegetable quality. Since the implementation of the green development requirements of agriculture and the implementation of the food security strategy, seaweed extract fertilizer seriesContinue reading “seaweed extract uses in agriculture”

Alginate oligosaccharide

alginate oligosaccharide is a light brown powder produced from alginate with enzymatic degradation technology. The degree of polymerization is 3-5, and its molecular wieght is extra low. Its water solubility is very good. It is widely used in agriculture for fertilizer formulation. And alginate oligosaccharide is good seed treatment. It can promote root systome development.Continue reading “Alginate oligosaccharide”

Seed treatment

The seed treatment is a naturally dereived oligosaccharide that improve root growth and seed establishment. The oligosaccharide is alginate-derived, the degree of polymerization is 3-5, and low molecular weight, its vitality is more strong and more absorbable. The oligosaccharides play the role of signal molecules in plant stress resistance and can promote plant growth. TreatingContinue reading “Seed treatment”