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At Shandong Jiejing Group, not only you can buy seaweed extract based organic fertiliser product like soluble seaweed extract powder, seaweed extract flakes, seaweed extract NPK fertilizer (Balance type 20-20-20), water soluble seaweed NPK fertilizer (K-rich type 12-6-40), seaweed NPK water soluble powder fertilizer (N-rich type 30-5-15), seaweed extract foliar spray, seaweed extract chelated Boron fertilizer (liquid), seaweed chelated calcium foliar fertiliser, seaweed humic acid water-soluble powder fertilizer (K-rich), green liquid seaweed concentrate for formulation and alginate oligosaccharides for your own formulation, but also can get technical support on your soil and plants improvement, we have a professional technical team composed of agriculature professors and technicians that can give you a guideline on instructions.

Seaweed Sources and Advantage

Ascophyllum Nodosum
  • Brown seaweed processing enterprise since 1968.
  • Seaweed purchasing base in Chile, Peru, South Africa, North Europe for stable seaweed supply.
  • Use Ascophyllum Nodosum as raw materal for seaweed extract to keep high active substances to greatest extent.
  • China’s only one production line of natural active substances from seaweed, phlorotannins and alginate oligosaccharide processing equipments.

Jiejing Seaweed Fertilizers Uniques

China Biostimulants Excellent Supplier
  • Integrating top experts in the research of seaweed active substances in China. Through five years of research and plants tests and improvements, series of seaweed fertilizer launched.
  • Contains 18 protein amino acids, auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, Vitamins, nucleotides, humic acid and plant stress resistance factors.
  • Naturally rich in alginate oligosaccharides and polyphenols, which are antibacterial, resistant and growth-promoting.

Seaweed Fertilizers Crops Application

Jiejing Seaweed Fertilizers for Crops
  • Jiejing bio-organic seaweed fertiliser is widely used for plants and soil improvement.
  • Scope of application: Vegetables (leafy vegetables, melons or fruits vegetables, roots or stem vegetables). Cereal crops (rice, corn, wheat etc). Fruit trees (pears, apples, peaches, citrus, bananas, grapes, tomatos, oranges etc). Gardening (Flowers, tea). Fertilizer additives (water-soluble fertilizers, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, bacterial fertilizers)

As the leading fertilizer producer in China, we buy green liquid seaweed extract from Jiejing to add into our formulations. It does well in root growth and plant growth recovery after experiencing draught or freezing weather.

Zhengda Jin

I started to buy alginate oligosaccharides from Jiejing for my own formulation. It is a naturaly derived oligosaccharide that improve the root growth and seed establishment. It helps me win big market share of Australia farms.

Mike Wallace


Specialist of ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extracts certified Organic Agricultural Inputs,enables plants to receive direct benefits from the naturally balanced nutrients and plant growth substances available in the seaweed extract.

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