seaweed microbial inoculant

SEAWEED MICROCULANT is a seaweed microbial inoculant. This product uses brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum as the main raw material, is made by deep fermentation of EM bacteria, and then adds beneficial live bacteria and small molecular organic carbon. The product has a high content of seaweed active substances, comprehensive nutrients, and strong beneficial bacteria activity. It is a composite product that combines seaweed organic matter and microbial bacteria with high efficiency.

seaweed microbial inoculant


  1. Living soil strengthens roots and promotes growth: The natural biostimulants such as seaweed polysaccharides, betaine, mannitol, etc. contained in this product can quickly repair degraded and damaged soil, improve soil structure, neutralize soil pH, and stimulate soil. The activity of the original microorganisms can inactivate and degrade heavy metals and pesticide residues in the soil. The active substances of seaweed and biocontrol bacteria in this product cooperate with each other to enhance photosynthesis of leaves, regulate crop growth balance, promote root development, increase the number of crop capillary roots, enhance crop absorption of nutrients, strengthen crop growth, and improve crops Resistance to droughts, floods, cold currents, and diseases.
  2. Disease resistance and stress resistance, improve quality: this product can antagonize harmful bacteria, has a good preventive effect on crop root rot, fusarium wilt, and blight, and can effectively prevent or reduce crop seedling rot and damping-off. This product contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, organic calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, copper, iron and other medium and trace elements, which effectively prevent or reduce the symptoms of small leaves, floral leaves, yellow leaves, umbilical rot, and cracked fruits caused by element deficiency, and greatly improve the quality of agricultural products.

Physical and chemical properties:
Appearance: brown or beige granular or powder
PH value: 5-8

Base fertilizer or topdressing can be used alone or in combination with chemical fertilizers. Furrow application, hole application, or spreading can be used. After application, it needs to be covered with soil.

Basal field and field crops: 600-3000kg/ha;
Vegetables: 2250-7500kg/ha;
Fruit trees: 2-10kg/plant.
It can be increased or decreased as appropriate according to the crop and soil fertility.