Why Jiejing

Shandong Jiejing Group


Founded in 1968, it was the first company of seaweed processing and comprehensive utilization enterprises established by the country when China implemented the strategic layout of “seaweed extract”. There have been 53 years of professional seaweed processing and comprehensive utilization history.



  • Shandong Jiejing Group is a leading enterprise with the longest history of the brown seaweed comprehensive processing industry in China.
    The world’s largest industrial-grade alginate manufacturer.
    Asia’s largest manufacturer of seaweed active substances
  • China leading manufacturer of ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extracts
  • The only company in China that make phlorotannins industrialized production
  • The only company in China that industrially extracts fucoidan from laminaria japonica, fucoxanthin from sargassum.
  • Director unit of China Algae Industry Association, Vice Chairman Unit of China Biostimulant Development Alliance
  • The governing unit of China Seaweed Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
  • The executive director unit of Shandong Seaweed Industry Association
Agricultural biostimulant development alliance


  • Nationally recognized enterprise technology center
  • post-doctoral research station
  • national and local joint engineering research center (seaweed refining technology)
  • high-tech enterprises
  • Demonstration enterprises of technological innovation
  • Shandong Province Top 100 Pilot Enterprises for Innovation
  • “Taishan Scholar” in Shandong Province