seaweed organic and inorganic compound fertilizer

SEAWEED ORGA-INORGA I is a seaweed organic and inorganic compound fertilizer. This product reasonably mixes the effective active ingredients extracted from brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum with inorganic nutrient elements, and at the same time adds trace elements in seaweed chelation and beneficial microbial metabolites.

seaweed organic and inorganic compound fertilizer


  1. The product is rich in seaweed extracts, macro-elements, middle-trace elements and metabolites of beneficial microorganisms. Promote the reproductive growth of crops, flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, improve crop quality, and increase yield.
  2. Seaweed organic matter and beneficial microbial metabolites have a good effect of activating and improving soil, preventing soil compaction and acidification, promoting the growth and development of crop roots, and enhancing crop resistance.
  3. The organic components of seaweed can modify and regulate inorganic nutrients, prevent the loss of fertilizers, and facilitate the absorption of crops. The product has a comprehensive supply of nutrients, which can effectively prevent and reduce the symptoms of yellow leaves, bald branches, and premature aging caused by lack of nutrients.

Basal field and field crops: 600-1200kg/ha;
Vegetables: 600-1800kg/ha;
Fruit trees: 2-4kg/plant.
It can be increased or decreased as appropriate according to the crop and soil fertility.