AlgaAmino plus

liquid seaweed extract formulation with amino acid and alginate oligosaccharides

AlgaAmino plus is one liquid seaweed extract based nutrition for plants, it is made of liquid seaweed extracts, amino acid, plus alginate oligosaccharide. It can be used as foliar spraying or dripping irrigation, it is rich in Natural immune peptides, small peptides, seaweed polyphenols, seaweed enzymatic concentration, seaweed polysaccharides, seaweed oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides, betaine, mannitol.


  • Deep immunity, deep resistance to adversity
    promote flower bud differentiation, bud germination, branch growth
    increase pollination and fruit setting rate
    improve fruit quality and shelf life


appearance: liquid
liquid seaweed extract>200g/L
amino acid>100g/L
alginate oligosaccharides>1000ppm

Application rate

Foliar spraying: dilute 1000-1500 times
dripping Irrigation: dilute 500-800 times

Pack size

1L/bottle, 12 bottles/carton
customer labels offered