Seaweed Extract Powder

seaweed extract is dark brown or black powder, it is concentration from brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum.

The seaweed extract is rich in 18 kinds of protein and amino acids that can be directly absorbed and utilized by plants and plant growth regulators (auxin, cytokinin, red Amycin, etc.), alginic acid, humic acid, vitamins, nucleotides, plant stress resistance factors and essential elements for plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, boron. All these biologically active substances are pure natural substances extracted from kelp/seaweed, slightly seaweed smell, and no residue.

Benefits on plants

The effect of seaweed extract on plants is to stimulate seed vigor, promote the development of crop roots, promote roots and strong seedlings, preserve flowers and fruits; enhance disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance, waterlogging resistance, and salinity resistance; improve crop quality and increase yield; Improve water and fertilizer utilization, increase chlorophyll content, strengthen photosynthesis of crops, and balance crop growth; reduce pesticide damage, have a repairing effect, and heal and repair injured plant combinations.

Benefits on soil

Seaweed extract is a natural soil conditioner, which can directly supplement the missing nutrient elements in the soil, activate beneficial microorganisms, and have a strong inhibitory effect on harmful bacteria.

The seaweed polysaccharides contained in seaweed extract can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve the pore space in the soil, increase the air permeability of the soil, coordinate the ratio of fertilizer, water, air, and temperature in the soil, and restore the heavy burden and pollution of the soil And the lost balance of natural gums.

Effectively regulate soil acidification, salinization, and compaction hazards, and provide a favorable environment for crop growth from the root environment. It is a marine functional product fertilizer that inhibits soil-borne pathogens, medicines and fertilizers.

Seaweed extract powder specifications

Inspection ItemsStandard RequirementsTest Result
Humic Acid %≥30.033.1
Organic Matter %/48.5
Alginic Acid%≥18.018.2
Insoluble Matter%≤2.00.5
PH (1:250 dilution)7.0-11.08.0
As mg/kg≤10<10
Cd mg/kg≤10<10
Pb mg/kg≤50<50
Cr mg/kg≤50<50