Seaweed-Orga seaweed organic fertilizer

SEAWEED ORGA is a seaweed organic fertilizer, its appearance is powder or granular. It is produced with brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum as main material and selects highly active composite EM bacteria, refined through international advanced biological fermentation technology. It is rich in seaweed active substances, betaine, mannitol, organic iodine, free amino acids , Beneficial microorganisms, medium and trace elements, etc.

seaweed organic fertilizer


  1. Improve the soil, preserve roots and strong seedlings: the alginic acid contained in the seaweed organic fertilizer has a strong function of retaining water and fertilizer, granulating the soil, and increasing the permeability of the soil; algae protein and EM bacteria can make beneficial microorganisms in the soil Increase, improve the root environment of the plant, and promote the growth and development of the root system.
  2. Disease resistance and stress resistance, increase yield and income: The phycobiostimulant in this product can effectively adjust the balance of reproductive growth and vegetative growth of crops, improve the photosynthesis of leaves; and stimulate the ability of crops to resist disease and adversity; Effectively improve the quality of crops and increase crop yields.

Physical and chemical properties:
Appearance: brown or beige granular or powder
PH value: 5.5—8.5

Basal field and field crops: 600-1800kg/ha;
Vegetables: 2400-3600kg/ha;
Fruit trees: 3-10kg/plant.
It can be increased or decreased as appropriate according to the crop and soil fertility.