Seaweed-Orga seaweed organic fertilizer

SEAWEED ORGA is a seaweed organic fertilizer, its appearance is powder or granular. It is produced with brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum as main material and selects highly active composite EM bacteria, refined through international advanced biological fermentation technology. It is rich in seaweed active substances, betaine, mannitol, organic iodine, free amino acids , Beneficial microorganisms,Continue reading “Seaweed-Orga seaweed organic fertilizer”

Jiejing Group presented in 36th China Plant Protection Exhibition

On November 13, the 36th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Machinery Fair officially opened at the Chongqing International Expo Center in Shancheng. Jiejing Group participated in the event as an exhibitor. As the industry’s most reputable and largest platform, this conference brought together the world’s major pharmaceutical and fertilizer companies and agricultural personnel.Continue reading “Jiejing Group presented in 36th China Plant Protection Exhibition”