Chitosan oligosaccharide

Chitosan oligosaccharide is a class of oligomers formed by hydrolysis of chitosan. It is an alkaline oligosaccharide with the advantages of small relative molecular weight, low toxicity, good water solubility and strong absorption. Chitosan oligosaccharide is an important plant system-acquired disease resistance inducer, and has the effect of inhibiting virus infection in plant disease control.Continue reading “Chitosan oligosaccharide”

seaweed plant biostimulants – Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotech

Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with the marine industry feeding back modern agriculture as the starting point, researching and developing seaweed biostimulants in seaweed biofertilizers based on seaweed fertilizer preparation and compounding technology. There are processing lines of seaweed extract, seaweed organic fertilizer, solidContinue reading “seaweed plant biostimulants – Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotech”

seaweed microbial inoculant

SEAWEED MICROCULANT is a seaweed microbial inoculant. This product uses brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum as the main raw material, is made by deep fermentation of EM bacteria, and then adds beneficial live bacteria and small molecular organic carbon. The product has a high content of seaweed active substances, comprehensive nutrients, and strong beneficial bacteria activity.Continue reading “seaweed microbial inoculant”

 seaweed organic and inorganic compound fertilizer

SEAWEED ORGA-INORGA I is a seaweed organic and inorganic compound fertilizer. This product reasonably mixes the effective active ingredients extracted from brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum with inorganic nutrient elements, and at the same time adds trace elements in seaweed chelation and beneficial microbial metabolites. Features: The product is rich in seaweed extracts, macro-elements, middle-trace elementsContinue reading ” seaweed organic and inorganic compound fertilizer”

Seaweed-Orga seaweed organic fertilizer

SEAWEED ORGA is a seaweed organic fertilizer, its appearance is powder or granular. It is produced with brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum as main material and selects highly active composite EM bacteria, refined through international advanced biological fermentation technology. It is rich in seaweed active substances, betaine, mannitol, organic iodine, free amino acids , Beneficial microorganisms,Continue reading “Seaweed-Orga seaweed organic fertilizer”

why seaweed extract stimulates root growth and root mass

What’s seaweed extract? When it comes to seaweed extract, it indicates seaweed powder or seaweed liquid. It is extract from brown seaweed ascophyllum nodosum. In addition to alginic acid, seaweed extract also contains essential plant elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sulfur (S), iron (Fe), and manganese (Mn), copper (Cu),Continue reading “why seaweed extract stimulates root growth and root mass”

AlgaPure seaweed extract msds

Soluble seaweed extract material safety data sheet Material: soluble Seaweed Extract SDS revision: Jan 2021SDS reference: ANP.ORG.9.6.EU.1114 1.0 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND COMPANY1.1 Product identifierAscophyllum nodosum Soluble Seaweed ExtractForm: black powder or flakes1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised againstUsed as a fertilizer to supplement a well-balanced crop nutritionContinue reading “AlgaPure seaweed extract msds”

seaweed fertilizer (Shandong Jiejing)

Jiejing Seaweed Fertilizer is a new type of green biological fertilizer made from brown seaweed as the main raw material. The main ingredients are natural bioactive substances seaweed extract that are beneficial to the growth and development of plants and mineral nutrients absorbed by seaweed from the ocean and enriched in the body, including seaweedContinue reading “seaweed fertilizer (Shandong Jiejing)”

Your liquid seaweed extract based fertilisers supplier

Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation can manufacture liquid seaweed extract based fertilisers to your specification, from trace elements Calcium, Boron, Magnesium chelated, to a wide range of N-P-K formulations. Here you will also find a large range of organics, biostimulants and micronutrients that may be added to your product to improve the performance of your liquid fertilizer.Continue reading “Your liquid seaweed extract based fertilisers supplier”

Benefits of seaweed extracts on table grapes

Field trials conducted in China clearly show that Jiejing liquid seaweed (AlgaHumic) and seaweed extract powder (AlgaPure) solutions is conducive to the growth of grape leaves at the stage of vegetative growth of table grapes. Compared with the control area, the leaves are thicker, larger, greener, softer, and shiny in the demonstration area, and itsContinue reading “Benefits of seaweed extracts on table grapes”