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Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, with the marine industry feeding back modern agriculture as the starting point, researching and developing seaweed biostimulants in seaweed biofertilizers based on seaweed fertilizer preparation and compounding technology. There are processing lines of seaweed extract, seaweed organic fertilizer, solid water-soluble fertilizer, liquid water-soluble fertilizer. The annual output is 1,950 tons of seaweed extract, 15,000 tons of liquid seaweed polyphenols, 4,000 tons of macroelement seaweed fertilizer, and 2,000 tons of seaweed potassium, with a total output value of 250 million.

seaweed plant biostimulants manufacturer and exporter

The company has industry-leading seaweed resources and has procurement bases in Chile, Peru, South Africa, Norway and other places, has the leading seaweed extraction technology, closely cooperates with many scientific research institutions, and transforms the scientific and technological achievements of the national R&D platform into seaweed bio-fertilizer products.

algae fertilizer company

Main products:

The company mainly produces seaweed plant biostimulants products, marine functional active substances, seaweed biofertilizers and other seaweed extract products. The main products include bio-organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, seaweed irrigation fertilizers, seaweed foliar fertilizers and raw materials for seaweed biostimulants. The first phase of the project is mainly to research, produce, demonstrate, and promote the application of seaweed biostimulants in seaweed bio-fertilizers, using seaweed biostimulants such as alginic acid, alginate oligosaccharides, and brown algae polyphenols unique to seaweed to restore soil and improve planting. Quality in view of the unfriendliness of traditional chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the environment, serious pesticide residues, soil acidification, and improper use of fertilizers, farmers have poor crop quality, low yields, and fruit and vegetable hormone residues and other agricultural problems.

liquid seaweed concentrate

The company adheres to the principle of mutual benefit, and is committed to jointly developing seaweed resources, and serving agriculture with advanced seaweed extract technology to make the seaweed crop nutrition industry bigger and stronger.

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