liquid seaweed extract with calcium for plant nutrition

AlgaB is made of pure liquid seaweed extract chelated with trehalitol boron, it is a marine physiologically active product that is rich in seaweed active substances like seaweed polyphenols, seaweed polysaccharides, zinc, trace elements, etc


  • Sugar alcohol boron, good stability
    enzymatic hydrolysis of seaweed extracts, high activity
    full flower buds, high fruit setting rate, and promote sugar accumulation


appearance: liquid
liquid seaweed extract>400g/L


Use period: germination period, flower bud formation period, flower bud differentiation period, flowering period, young fruit period, fruit expansion period.
Foliar spraying: Dilute 1000-2000 times with water at an interval of 10-15 days

Pack size

1L/bottle, 12 bottles/carton
250ml/bottle, 40 bottles/carton
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