AlgaK uses biological carbon sources, seaweed extracts and highly active beneficial microorganisms as the main raw materials, combined with inorganic nutrients. It is a multi-element fertilizer that combines organic and inorganic nutrients and promotes the mutual promotion of algae-derived nutrients and beneficial bacteria. The seaweed extract in the product is rich in seaweed polysaccharides, mannitol and trace elements.


  • Improve photosynthesis, improve crop quality and yield. Promote crop growth and fruit ripening and coloring, and increase fruit soluble solids, vitamins and sugar content.
  • Balance the nutrient absorption of crops and regulate the balance of reproductive growth and vegetative growth of crops.
  • Promote soil agglomeration, activate the microbial flora in the soil, improve the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer, and improve fertilizer utilization.
  • The beneficial microorganisms of the product form an effective protective barrier around the root system to fight against soil-borne diseases and promote the growth of plant roots.

Technical data

  • seaweed extract >5%
  • humic acid >3%
  • organic matters >10%
  • N-P2O5-K2O: 10-2-16
  • Total nutrient>28%


This product can be used for fertigation, drip irrigation and root irrigation, 150-300kg/HA, and can Dilute 500 times used for root irrigation, drenching in all growth periods.

Pack size

10kg/bag, 15kg/bag, 20kg/bag, customer labels offered