alginate oligosaccharides as root growth stimulater

AlgaRGS is a naturally derived oligosaccharide from alginate that improves root growth and seed establishment. It features low molecular weight, good water solubility and stability, as well as non-toxicity. It has a good effect in promoting plant growth, enhancing plant resistance and inhibiting plant pathogenic bacteria.


  1. Activate the immune system of SA (salicylic acid) and JA (jasmonic acid), which can resist bacteria and viruses, as well as reduce the use of pesticides.
alginate oligosaccharides to activate immune system
AlgaRGSA increases the content of GA, IAA, JA in tobacco cells
  • 2. Induces plants to synthesize ABA (abscisic acid content increased by 5 times), JA (jasmonic acid), enhance plant resistance, fruit coloring and sweetness, mature early, so harvest earlier. AlgaRGS significantly improve the ability of plants to resist drought, cold, high temperature, salinity, waterlogging and other adversity.
Alginate oligosaccharides Induces plants to synthesize ABA and JA
AlgaRGS synthesize ABA (abscisic acid) content increased by 5 times
  • 3. Induces plants to synthesize IAA (increases the auxin content by 8 times), promotes roots and sprouts grow quickly
Alginate oligosaccharide significantly promotes plant rooting and germination.
AgaRGS significantly promotes plant rooting system and germination growth

Application rates

seed: 50-300 grams per tonne of seed
foliar: 10 – 50 grams/hectare

Pack size

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