Jiejing Group presented in 36th China Plant Protection Exhibition

On November 13, the 36th China Plant Protection Information Exchange and Pesticide Machinery Fair officially opened at the Chongqing International Expo Center in Shancheng. Jiejing Group participated in the event as an exhibitor.

As the industry’s most reputable and largest platform, this conference brought together the world’s major pharmaceutical and fertilizer companies and agricultural personnel. The company displayed a series of seaweed raw materials such as brown algae polyphenols, seaweed extracts, seaweed oligosaccharides, as well as seaweed bio-organic fertilizers, bacterial fertilizers, polyphenol series fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, Hydovic series water-soluble fertilizers, seaweed extracts and other products , Attracting a large number of agricultural distributors and manufacturers to come to consult. All the staff of the Seaweed Fertilizer Division received a warm reception and patiently explained the advantages of the product.

This time, Jiejing Group specially launched the “Jiejing Finance, Helping Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers” agri-finance empowerment plan, which has received good response. This plan aims to build development goals with core customers under the background of agricultural transformation to achieve large-scale growth. Purpose, in-depth integration, accelerate platform-driven growth, mutual benefit, and achieve a win-win situation.
Through this exhibition, the advantages of Jiejing Group’s brown algae seaweed extract concentration, brown algae oligosaccharides and seaweed organic plant food, seaweed organic fertilizer powder have been fully demonstrated, and more agricultural workers can understand Jiejing products.

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