Seaweed Extract

Seaweed extract is a kind of fertilizer with high nutrient content of alginic acid and seaweed bio-stimulating substances. It is good for dripping irrigation and spraying. It has very good effects on crop resistance, yield increase, and quality improvement. Now many manufacturers of compound fertilizer, urea, and macro-element water-soluble fertilizer add seaweed extract, let’s take a look at the benefits of Jiejing enzymatic seaweed extract.

Appearance: dark brown or black powder or flakes

Composition: alginic acid ≥ 18%,organic matters 48.9%, N+P2O5+K2O ≥ 20%, PH 7-11

Package: 200g/bag, 500g/bag, 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag


Jiejing seaweed extract is manufactured with Ascophyllum nodosum brown algae seaweed as raw material. It is rich in alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic polymers, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulators and other inorganic nutrients.


  • Improve the photosynthetic efficiency of plants and use the ability of scattered light. Increase material accumulation and increase yield.
  • Promote roots, protect roots, and nourish roots, not only to promote the growth of capillary roots, but also to maintain and form effective roots.
  • Promote flower bud differentiation, preserve flowers and fruits, increase fruit setting rate, improve quality, storage durability, sugar content, color and yield.
  • Provide terrestrial scarce microelements: iodine, bromine, etc., to improve the overall resistance and growth status of crops.
  • Resistant to stress, alleviate freezing damage, fertilizer damage, phytotoxicity, etc