Benefits of seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer does not mainly rely on the release of abundant “nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium” to promote the growth of plants. Its growth-promoting method for plants is different from the traditional “chemical fertilizer”. Seaweed bio-organic fertilizer is optimized by combining the characteristics of “chemical fertilizer”.
Concept-Seaweed plant growth agents are extracted from marine algae, which can promote crop growth, increase yield, reduce pests and diseases, and increase crop resistance to cold.
Features-Contains the unique ingredients of seaweed and plant hormones to promote the growth of crops, and has obvious plant growth regulation effects.

Seaweed extract fertilizers (powder or liquid)

Benefits of seaweed fertiliser for plants:

1.It is rich in crude fiber, crude protein, amino acid solids and other natural organic components of seaweed, which provides a material basis for the continuous increase of soil humus.
2. Jiejing Seaweed Bio-Organic Fertilizer contains special carbohydrates such as polysaccharides in seaweeds, which have the effect of superfluous metal ions, which can increase the absorption of trace elements by crops; the gel formed can maintain soil moisture and prevent soil Hardening can play the role of air conditioning moisturizing, so that the soil is not easily eroded by wind, water, etc.
3.It is naturally rich in alginate oligosaccharides and polyphenols, which are antibacterial, resistant and growth-promoting.

Seaweed plant growth stimulant

●Naturally rich in brown algae polyphenols;
●It is rich in alginate oligosaccharides, which is resistant to stress and promotes growth.

Rich in brown algae oligosaccharides (also called alginate oligosaccharides)
Regulating plant growth, has the effect of promoting plant growth, inducing plant resistance to stress, inducing plant disease resistance, and directly acting on crop pathogens.