Humic acid seaweed extract

This seaweed organic fertilizer was added biological carbon sources, seaweed extracts and highly active beneficial microorganisms as the main raw materials, it is a compound of organic and inorganic nutrients. It is a multi-element fertilizer that combines organic and inorganic nutrients and promotes the mutual promotion of algae-source nutrients and beneficial bacteria. The seaweed extract in the product is rich in seaweed polysaccharides, mannitol, iodine, trace elements, etc.

Specification: Humic acid ≥3.0%, seaweed extract ≥5%, organic matter ≥10%, N-P2O5-K2O: 10-2-16, total nutrient ≥28%.

1.Improve photosynthesis, improve crop quality and yield, promote crop growth and fruit maturity and coloring, and increase fruit soluble solids, vitamins and sugar content.
2. Balance the nutrient absorption of crops, adjust the balance of reproductive growth and nutrient growth of crops, restore tree vigor, and remove obstacles to continuous cropping.
3. Promote soil agglomeration, activate the microbial flora in the soil, loosen the soil and nourish the land, improve the ability of soil to retain water and fertilization, and increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.
4. The beneficial microorganisms inside form an effective protective barrier around the root system to resist soil-borne diseases and promote the growth of plant roots.

This seaweed extract based fertiliser can be used for flushing, drip irrigation, and root irrigation. The dosage per mu is 10kg-20kg. Dilution 500 times with water can be used for root irrigation, drenching, etc. It can be used in all growth periods.

Scope of application
Fruit and vegetable crops, field crops, herbals etc

Packaging specification:
10kg/bag, 15kg/bag

Seaweed extract based fertilizer