HiAlgae-A seaweed extract flakes

HiAlgae-A is 100% water soluble seaweed extracts based on seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, the finest marine plant available for agricultural use and is recognized the world over as an excellent natural fertilizer and source of organic matter. HiAlgae-A application enables plants to receive direct benefits from the naturally balanced nutrients and plant growth substances available in the seaweed extract.

Our products are used countrywide irrespective of type of soil to increase yield and improve quality of harvest in crops such as paddy, banana, grape, mango, turmeric, coconut, tea, coffee, pepper, vanilla, vegetable plants and flowers.

Pure Seaweed extract and hence contains macro, micro and secondary nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals naturally present in seaweed.

Increases yield
Increases fruits per plant
Increases size and weight of grains and fruits
Increases number of branches / number of leaves
Increases root length & plant height
Reduces fruit & flower fall
Improves quality of product & shelf life
Greater resistance to stress and adverse environmental conditions
Improves soil structure and soil water retention capacity

Appearance: dark flakes
Alginic acid: >18%
Organic matters: >45%
K2O: >18%
Pack size: 5KG/bag, 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag

Application rate: dilute 1500-3000 times for foliar spraying, dilute 800-1500 times for fertigation or drip irrigation.

seaweed extract flakes