Seaweed Extract Uses for Crops

Seaweed Extract fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer that contains rich nutrients needed for plant growth. After special treatment, the effective ingredients in seaweed fertilizer are easily absorbed by plants, and enter the plant body within 2 to 3 hours after application, showing a fast transmission and absorption speed, which can not only enhance crop photosynthesis, but also improve fertilizer utilization to increase crop yield, improve product quality, enhance crop resistance to cold and drought, and disease resistance, promote early maturity of crops, increase crop setting and fruit setting rate, and its production cost is low, solubility is good, and it is safe to use , It is friendly and harmless to humans, animals and the natural environment. It is a new type of green fertilizer suitable for the development of modern agriculture.

Seaweed Extract


The effect of seaweed fertilizer on the control of nematodes

Seaweed extract can prevent nematodes by changing the ratio of endogenous auxin to cytokinin. Treating corn roots with seaweed extract can reduce the reproduction rate of nematodes by 47%~63%. Seaweed extract can strengthen the defense function of plants against pests and diseases. In addition to affecting plant physiology and metabolism, seaweed fertilizer can also promote plant health by affecting the rhizosphere microbial community.

The effect of seaweed fertilizer on pathogenic bacteria

Seaweed active substances can stimulate the crop’s own ability to resist bacteria, fungi and viruses, and reduce the use of pesticides


  1. Tobacco: improve the antiviral ability of plants against tobacco mosaic virus.
  2. Cabbage: inhibit the growth of the ultimate mold.
  3. Pepper: Foliar spraying of seaweed extract reduced the infection of Phytophthora capsici.
  4. Rice: reduces rice blight.
  5. Tomato: reduces the incidence of tomato gray mold disease.
  6. Chinese Cabbage: has obvious disease resistance effect on soft rot and downy mildew of autumn Chinese cabbage.