Liquid seaweed (irrigation)

The liquid seaweed fertilizer is based on seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum extract, it chelates large and medium trace elements, and especially adds beneficial bacteria, which has a miraculous effect on preventing and correcting plant deficiency.

It is made of highly active compound EM bacteria and refined through internationally advanced biological fermentation technology. The product is rich in seaweed polyphenols, seaweed polysaccharides, gibberellin, betaine, mannitol, organic iodine, free amino acids, beneficial microorganisms, medium and trace elements.
1. Contains beneficial bacteria, powerfully burst roots, activate the soil, dissolve phosphorus and potassium, alleviate soil compaction, and prevent soil-borne diseases.
2. Enhance crop resistance to drought, cold, waterlogging, disease, repeated cropping and other adverse environmental impacts.

Technical parameter:
N+P2O5+K2O: >100g/L
Beneficiary bacteria: >200 million/ml
Amino acid: >100g/L
Cu+Zn+B: >20g/L
Seaweed extract liquid:>260g/L
seaweed polysaccharide: >500ppm

Application rate: This product can be applied throughout the growth period of the plant, and the solution is diluted 500-800 times. Drip irrigation, fertigation, root irrigation.

Pack size: 20kg/drum

liquid seaweed extract