Alginate oligosaccharide

alginate oligosaccharide is a light brown powder produced from alginate with enzymatic degradation technology. The degree of polymerization is 3-5, and its molecular wieght is extra low. Its water solubility is very good. It is widely used in agriculture for fertilizer formulation. And alginate oligosaccharide is good seed treatment. It can promote root systome development.Continue reading “Alginate oligosaccharide”

Seed treatment

The seed treatment is a naturally dereived oligosaccharide that improve root growth and seed establishment. The oligosaccharide is alginate-derived, the degree of polymerization is 3-5, and low molecular weight, its vitality is more strong and more absorbable. The oligosaccharides play the role of signal molecules in plant stress resistance and can promote plant growth. TreatingContinue reading “Seed treatment”

alginate oligosaccharide

Alginate oligosaccharide for plants In agriculture, alginic acid plays an important role in plant growth and soil improvement. Nowadays many fertilizers or plant nutrition and biostimulant company select to add alginic acid as per their own formulation. Actually alginic acid powder agriculture grade is alginate oligosaccharide. It is standard of alginic acid for plants asContinue reading “alginate oligosaccharide”