Alginate oligosaccharide

alginate oligosaccharide is a light brown powder produced from alginate with enzymatic degradation technology. The degree of polymerization is 3-5, and its molecular wieght is extra low. Its water solubility is very good. It is widely used in agriculture for fertilizer formulation. And alginate oligosaccharide is good seed treatment. It can promote root systome development.

alginate oligosaccharide

1. It is a plant signal substance, activates the SA and JA immune systems, can resist bacteria and viruses, and reduce the use of pesticides.
2. Stimulate plants to produce phytoalexins, defensive enzymes and osmotic adjustment substances, and enhance plant resistance to stress.
3. Promote roots and enhance plant photosynthesis.
4. With the addition of alginate oligosaccharide, the fertilizer product has plant vaccine efficacy.

How to add alginate oligosaccharide into fertilizers:

FertilizerVolume of addition (per Tonage)Addition formFunctionAddition method
Compound fertilizer2-20kgliquidActs as Plant vaccines. 2. Improve the salt and alkali-tolerant ability of crops. Promote crop growth, and improve photosynthesis capacity.After granulation, spray on the surface of the particles with temperature, and package after cooling.
Urea2-10kgliquidPromote nitrogen absorption Improve urea utilizationPromote seedling growth, and chlorophyll synthesis.
Diammonium Phosphate2-10kgliquidImprove crops’ absorption and utilization of phosphorus and nitrogen promote seed germination, and enhance stem and root development.
Granular Potash Fertilizer2-10kgliquidImprove the absorption and utilization of potassium by cropspromote photosynthesis, increase the content of cellulose in plantspromote root growth, and enhance cold resistance.
Foliar fertilizer20-200kgliquidPromote the absorption of key elements by crops and the synthesis of chlorophyllimprove crop resistance to stress, promote early flowering and improve quality.Add directly to the liquid fertilizer and mix well.
Irrigation fertilizer10-40kgliquidSlow down soil acidification and salinizationadjust soil pHpromote root system development, promote plant growthimprove crop resistance to diseases, and increase crop yield
Macro-element water soluble fertilizer5-15kgliquidImprove enzyme activity, color and sweetnessPromote early maturity, increase yield and qualitypreserve flowers and fruits, resist disease and stress.If powder, mix with other material and mix well, if liquid, spray on the surface of granulars.
Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate5-15kgliquidImprove the utilization of phosphorus and potassiumincrease crop resistance, increase crop yield and quality
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate4-15kgliquidImprove calcium ion channels, quickly increase the growth of crop cell wallsresist lodging, promote root development, increase fruit hardness and storage durability.After granulation, spray on the surface of the particles with temperature, and package after cooling.
Calcium Magnesium Nitrate10-15kgliquidPromote the absorption of calcium and magnesium by cropspromote photosynthesisimprove nucleic acid conversion and protein synthesisincrease fruit sugar content.
how to use alginate oligosaccharide for fertilizer formulation

If you are interested in alginate oligosaccharide for your fertilizer formulation, please contact to buy.

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