Seed treatment

The seed treatment is a naturally dereived oligosaccharide that improve root growth and seed establishment. The oligosaccharide is alginate-derived, the degree of polymerization is 3-5, and low molecular weight, its vitality is more strong and more absorbable.

The oligosaccharides play the role of signal molecules in plant stress resistance and can promote plant growth. Treating seeds with the alginate oligosaccharides increases the germination rate, seedling height, root length, and biomass. , The content of chlorophyll in the leaves of seedlings is increased, the vitality of the root system is enhanced, and the effect of increasing yield is obvious. It is a stimulating factor for plant growth and development.

seed treatment experiment

Appearance: light brown powder, water soluble
Package size: 5kg/bag

sead treatment

more seed treatment product info and how to use the seed treatment, please feel free to contact through

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