seaweed extract uses in agriculture

seaweed extract, alginate oligosaccharide, seaweed extract liquid polyphenol and fish protein are all important marine biological resources. When applied to agriculture, they can regulate crop growth balance and improve fruits or vegetable quality. Since the implementation of the green development requirements of agriculture and the implementation of the food security strategy, seaweed extract fertilizer series products have been increasingly favored by fertilizer companies and growers.

The growth and development of crops need to fully consider conditions such as light, temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen, moisture and soil, and none of them are indispensable. Seaweed is rich in polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, polyphenols, plant hormones, pigments and other active substances, both of which promote growth and enhance resistance to stress. Seaweed extract is applied to the agricultural field, can promote the growth of crops, induce rooting, promote flowering, promote fruit and strengthen fruit, color and sweeten, resist disease and stress, etc. It is suitable for various growth stages of plants. The comparison of the effects of seaweed extract liquid fertilizer on different crops such as tribute orange, strawberry, mango, rice, etc., confirms that the reasonable combination of seaweed liquid fertilizer with NPK, peptide amino acid, and fulvic acid can significantly improve fruit quality and yield.

Shandong Hengtai Marine Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Jiejing Group, which focuses on agriculture. Jiejing group products line includes sodium alginate, propylene glycol alginate, seaweed extract fucoidan powder, fucoxanthin. In agriculture field, Jiejing Group adopts domestic unique physical transformation technology to produce seaweed extract liquid polyphenol as well as seaweed extract powder or flakes. Jiejing Group hopes to share resources, mutual benefit and win-win results with fertilizer companies in terms of raw materials, research and development.

If you have any query of seaweed extract or technical support, welcome you contact, you will get guidance.

seaweed extract

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