seaweed extract uses in agriculture

seaweed extract, alginate oligosaccharide, seaweed extract liquid polyphenol and fish protein are all important marine biological resources. When applied to agriculture, they can regulate crop growth balance and improve fruits or vegetable quality. Since the implementation of the green development requirements of agriculture and the implementation of the food security strategy, seaweed extract fertilizer seriesContinue reading “seaweed extract uses in agriculture”

Seaweed extract uses in agriculture

Natural seaweed extract is based on marine algae (strong adsorption capacity, can concentrate 440,000 times of its own marine substances, extremely rich and balanced nutrition) as the main raw material, which is widely used in agriculture and horticulture. It is in powder or flakes form. Its major advantage is the maximum retention of natural biologicallyContinue reading “Seaweed extract uses in agriculture”