Seaweed extract uses in agriculture

Natural seaweed extract is based on marine algae (strong adsorption capacity, can concentrate 440,000 times of its own marine substances, extremely rich and balanced nutrition) as the main raw material, which is widely used in agriculture and horticulture. It is in powder or flakes form. Its major advantage is the maximum retention of natural biologically active substances in seaweed that are beneficial to the plant growth and development of plants and are rich in the mineral nutrient elements that seaweed absorb from the ocean, which can be absorbed and utilized by plants.

Effect of seaweed extract on plant growth

The effects of natural seaweed extract on plant growth are summarized as follows:
stimulate the germination of new roots, promote the growth of roots, strengthen the root group, increase the survival rate of flowers and seedlings transplanted, shorten the slow seedling period, and promote new leaves , the germination and growth of new buds.
It can also enhance the color of flowers, enlarge the buds, thick pedicels, and prolong the flowering period.
At the same time, high-active natural plant growth stimulating substances can enhance the metabolism of plant cells, stimulate the self-immune system of flowers, and improve the pairing of flowers and seedlings. Resistance to high temperature, low temperature, drought and other adversity.

Seaweed extract composition
alginic acid: ≥ 18%, organic matters: ≥ 48%, N+P2O5+K2O: ≥ 20%

seaweed extract uses in agriculture

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