Seaweed extract based organic fertilizer

Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation supply and export organic seaweed extract fertilizer, which is based on brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum as raw material. It is powder or flakes form and 100% water soluble. You can use for foliar spray or irrigation. The Seaweed extract based fertilizer integrates plant nutrients, biologically active substances and plant stress resistance factors. It is an ideal full-function organic seaweed fertilizer.

Effects of seaweed extract based organic fertilizer for plants

  1. Regulate plant metabolism and improve crop resistance and immunity.
  2. It has good antioxidant and inducibility, and can delay crop senescence.
  3. Stimulate seed vigor, promote the development of crop roots, promote roots and strong seedlings, and preserve flowers and fruits.
  4. Improve water and fertilizer utilization, increase chlorophyll content, strengthen photosynthesis of crops, and balance crop growth.
  5. Improve crop quality and increase yield. It can make the fruit crops have uniform size, natural color, pure taste, rich nutrition and early ripening.
  6. Enhance disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance, waterlogging resistance, and salt-alkali resistance.
  7. It can effectively improve soil conditions and promote the formation of soil aggregate structure; quickly build crop roots, promote root nutrient transformation and absorption, and enhance crop growth.
  8. Effectively control various soil-borne diseases, have a strong adsorption and inactivation effect on plant viruses, and have a good inhibitory and anti-infection effect on various mosaic viruses.
  9. It reduces the damage of pesticides and has a certain repairing effect. It can heal and repair the injured plant combination.
  10. Use it 10-15 days before harvest, which can effectively extend the preservation time, and is resistant to storage and transportation.
  11. The organic seaweed extract fertilizer is compatible with pesticides, internally resists external inhibition, and cooperates with crops, which can effectively improve the efficacy and duration of the drug.
seaweed extract based organic fertilizer

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