alginate oligosaccharide

Alginate oligosaccharide for plants

In agriculture, alginic acid plays an important role in plant growth and soil improvement. Nowadays many fertilizers or plant nutrition and biostimulant company select to add alginic acid as per their own formulation. Actually alginic acid powder agriculture grade is alginate oligosaccharide. It is standard of alginic acid for plants as China Agriculture Bureau policy. Alginate oligosaccharide is low molecular weight, it is easier for plant absorption. It not only works well for crops growth promoter, stress resistance improvement and often used as seed treatment to improve germination rate and root mass development.

The effect of alginic acid on plants and soil:

   1. Stimulate the activity of the defense enzyme system in the plant. Enhance crop resistance to drought, cold, salinity and other stress resistance.

   2. Balanced regulation of plant growth, promotion of flower bud differentiation, increased fruit setting rate, and reduced fruit drop and cracking.

3. Promote the development of plant roots and improve the absorption and utilization of soil nutrients and water. Increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis efficiency, greatly increase yield and improve quality.

In China, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation produces alginate oligosaccharides and export a lot to Australia, USA etc for agriculture use. If you are crops solution company or plant nutrition and biostimulant factory, alginate oligosaccharide (alginic acid agriculture grade) is good additive for your formulations, you can require small quantity to make trial through

alginate oligosaccharide

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