alginate oligosaccharide

Alginate oligosaccharide for plants In agriculture, alginic acid plays an important role in plant growth and soil improvement. Nowadays many fertilizers or plant nutrition and biostimulant company select to add alginic acid as per their own formulation. Actually alginic acid powder agriculture grade is alginate oligosaccharide. It is standard of alginic acid for plants asContinue reading “alginate oligosaccharide”

Alginic Acid for Plants

Alginic acid is obtained from seaweed/kelp cell wall, and is an important fertilizer for plants. In addition to supplying nutrients, it also acts as a soil conditioner.Also called alginate, alginic acid is derived from kelp. It actually makes up a significant percentage of brown kelp’s mass, and is responsible for helping give the plant rigidityContinue reading “Alginic Acid for Plants”

Alginate oligosaccharides for agriculture

Alginate oligosaccharides is a naturally derived oligosaccharide from brown seaweed. It is standard product for the test of agricultural alginic acid. It can promote root growth and seed establishment. The alginate oligosaccharides features low molecular weight, high water solubility and stability, and have many biological activities. So it has broad development prospects in agriculture. 1.Continue reading “Alginate oligosaccharides for agriculture”