Alginate oligosaccharides for agriculture

Alginate oligosaccharides is a naturally derived oligosaccharide from brown seaweed. It is standard product for the test of agricultural alginic acid. It can promote root growth and seed establishment.

The alginate oligosaccharides features low molecular weight, high water solubility and stability, and have many biological activities. So it has broad development prospects in agriculture.

1. As a kind of endogenous plant-like oligosaccharides, brown algae oligosaccharides play the role of signal molecules in plant stress resistance and can promote plant growth. Soaking seed with the seaweed oligosaccharides increases the germination rate of seeds, seedling height, root length, the chlorophyll content in the leaves of the seedlings, the root vitality, and the yield. It is a stimulantfor plant growth and development;

2. Enhance plant resistance and drought resistance, and induce crop resistance through signal factors. After use, the crop will show obvious tolerance when facing the harsh external environment, and the resistance effect is obvious.

3. Inhibit plant pathogenic bacteria, induce plant defense response, and then produce systemic resistance to make plants have disease resistance;

4. It can be used as a stabilizer for pesticides, as a wormicide, fertilizer forming agent, regulator, etc., or directly as a pollution-free antibacterial agent or production of oligosaccharide pollution-free antibacterial pesticides.

The synergistic effect of alginate oligosaccharides in nitrogen fertilizer

Alginate oligosaccharides can regulate the anabolism and signal transduction of abscisic acid, thereby inducing drought resistance in wheat

Application of alginate oligosaccharides in drought resistance of wheat

Jayaraj et  reported alginate oligosaccharides have obvious control effects on carrot leaf fungal diseases. Alginate oligosaccharides can increase the activity of peroxidase, polyphenol oxidase, and PAL enzyme, and increase the expression of disease-related protein genes at the transcription level.

The role of alginate oligosaccharides in plant disease resistance

Alginate oligosaccharides promote the growth of rice roots and stimulate the auxin-related genes.

The role of alginate oligosaccharides in promoting rice roots
Alginate oligosaccharide seed treatment
Alginate oligosaccharides improve fruit quality

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