Liquid seaweed fertiliser

Liquid Seaweed fertiliser – Highly Active Biostimulant for plants
Manin features: Promote production, increase output, improve quality, and resist stress
It is suitable for all crops, especially suitable for seedlings to grow roots, and plants to resume growth after low temperature.
Jiejing high-concentrated natural seaweed extract is a natural organic fertilizer. Its core effective substance is natural seaweed extract from the Atlantic waters of the west coast of South Africa. It has 66 mineral elements and rich vitamins. It is rich in auxin, gibberellin, and cell-like Splittin and other natural plant growth regulators and active substances such as protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, inorganic salts, vitamins, polyphenol compounds, polysaccharides, etc., are known as green raw materials for plants in the 21st century. Pure plant growth hormone can stimulate the growth of almost all plant roots, promote the development of plant roots, promote its ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil, and meet the growth needs of plants. At the same time, it can also improve barren land and improve the cold and drought resistance of plants. Reduce plant diseases and insect pests.

The left crops used our liquid seaweed fertiliser, the right crops did not use.

5 major characteristics of seaweed:

  1. It can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants and regulate the balance of endogenous hormones.
  2. Apply to the soil to increase soil organic matter and activate various beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These organisms can act as catalysts in the cycle of plant microbial metabolites and increase the biological effectiveness of the soil.
  3. It is a natural soil conditioner, which can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve the pore space inside the soil, and coordinate the ratio of solid, liquid and gas in the soil.
  4. Compared with fertilizers, it has incomparable advantages in terms of increased yield, stress resistance, naturalness and non-toxic side effects.
  5. It can restore the balance of natural colloids lost due to soil overload and chemical pollution, and increase soil biological vitality.
The right crops used liquid seaweed fertilizer, the left crops did not use

Scope of application:
1. Applied at the seedling stage of crops to promote root formation.
2. It is applied during crop growth to promote vigorous growth.
3. Apply during the flower bud differentiation period of crops to promote flower bud differentiation.
4. Apply before crop harvest to increase fruit setting rate, increase quality, improve flavor, and ensure harvest.
5. When crops are damaged by drought, freezing damage, or pesticide damage, it helps plants quickly restore growth and enhance resistance.

Use instruction:

  1. Root spraying: Dilute 500-1000 times with water and stir evenly, 5-10 kg per mu.
  2. Field and greenhouse flushing: generally use 5-10 kilograms per mu, dilute 500-1000 times with water, slowly mix in water for irrigation, and use water as appropriate depending on the soil moisture status.
  3. Sprinkler irrigation/drip irrigation: It can be mixed with other fertilizers and pesticides, 5-10 kg per mu, diluted 500-1000 times with water, and used in the irrigation system without blocking drip irrigation equipment.

Packing specification:


seaweed fertiliser manufacturing line

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