Seaweed foliar fertilizer

The seaweed foliar fertilizer is one type of Amino acid water-soluble fertilizer,which is made with concentrated seaweed extract liquid as raw material. The seaweed extract is from Ascophyllum Nodosum. It is rich in seaweed essence, concentrated peptides, trace elements, etc. It is safe and reliable, and can enhance crops stress resistance, and can induce autoimmunity and self-repair of crops to achieve deep immunity.


  1. The main active ingredients: natural immune peptides, small peptides, seaweed polyphenols, seaweed enzymatic hydrolysate, seaweed polysaccharides, seaweed oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides, betaine, trehalose, iodine, mannitol and other natural physiologically active substances.
  2. Healthy crops, deep immunity, deep resistance
  3. Break dormancy, promote flower bud differentiation, bud germination, branch growth, and increase the rate of pollination and fruit setting.
  4. Preserving flowers and fruits, good for coloring, improving quality, smooth surface, anti-oxidation, and inhibiting germs.


Please spray on the foliar surface at a dilution of 1000-1500 times in fine weather, with an interval of 7-15 days, and can be used throughout the growth period. The effect is better if it is used continuously for more than 2 times, and the dosage or frequency of use can be increased appropriately when the plant suffers from bad weather, plant or soil obstacles.

Packing specification:


250ml/bottle*40 bottles/box

Plastic bottles, cartons

If you wanna know more details of the seaweed liquid fertilizer and its price, feel free to contact me.

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