Amino Acid Seaweed Foliar Fertilizer

Amino acid100g/L
Seaweed extract concentration400g/L
Amino acid seaweed fertilizer technical parameter


  1. Use the seaweed ASCOPHYLLUM NODOSUM as extract material, the Natural Algae extracts can greatly increase the permeability and conduction capacity of the leaves, which is beneficial to the absorption of nutrients by crops and improves the utilization rate of fertilizers.
  2. 18 kinds of amino acids coexist and supplemented: rich in seaweed polyphenols ,seaweed polysaccharides, gibberellin, betaine, mannitol, organic iodine, free amino acids, beneficial microorganisms, medium and trace elements.

Take ginger as an example, the amino acid seaweed water soluble fertiliser Ginger spray: 200-400 times, 250ml/bottle

  1. Promote the growth of buds.
  2. Improve the resistance of buds.
  3. Promote disease resistance of ginger in the bud stage.

Characteristics of Fertilizer Needed During Germination Period:

Germination period: The germination period mainly absorbs nutrients from the mother ginger, and the choice of mother ginger is very important. Ensuring the germination period of ginger mother: no shortage of nutrients and high disease resistance in the later stage are the key!
Seedling stage: (the first leaf is green) the root system begins to grow, and the root system of 6-7 leaves is completed. Therefore, it is important to manage the roots of ginger well and promote roots during the seedling stage. But some functional products can promote early rooting.

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