Green Seaweed Extract Liquid

seaweed extract liquid specification Item Result Item Result Fe 24.9mg/kg P 329mg/kg Mn 5.7mg/kg K 329mg/kg Zn 12.5mg/kg Polysaccharide 49ppm Mo 0.20mg/kg Phlorotannins 100ppm B 0.32mg/kg Gibberellin 34ppm Cu 1.9mg/kg Heteroauxin 26.98ppm Mg 225mg/kg Cytokinin 21.06ppm N 140mg/kg Shandong Jiejing Group implements the Taishan Scholars Blue Industry Talent Team Project” New Sanlian Green Chemical ProcessContinue reading “Green Seaweed Extract Liquid”

Liquid seaweed fertiliser

Liquid Seaweed fertiliser – Highly Active Biostimulant for plantsManin features: Promote production, increase output, improve quality, and resist stressIt is suitable for all crops, especially suitable for seedlings to grow roots, and plants to resume growth after low temperature.Jiejing high-concentrated natural seaweed extract is a natural organic fertilizer. Its core effective substance is natural seaweedContinue reading “Liquid seaweed fertiliser”