green seaweed extract liquid

As the leading manufacturer and exporter of seaweed extracts in China, Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation uses technology of cell wall cold breakage and countercurrent extraction to produce green seaweed extract liquid from fresh sargassum, it is called phlorotannins, which is a unique class of polyphenolic compounds contained in brown seaweed . The production line adoptsContinue reading “green seaweed extract liquid”

Green Seaweed Extract Liquid

seaweed extract liquid specification Item Result Item Result Fe 24.9mg/kg P 329mg/kg Mn 5.7mg/kg K 329mg/kg Zn 12.5mg/kg Polysaccharide 49ppm Mo 0.20mg/kg Phlorotannins 100ppm B 0.32mg/kg Gibberellin 34ppm Cu 1.9mg/kg Heteroauxin 26.98ppm Mg 225mg/kg Cytokinin 21.06ppm N 140mg/kg Shandong Jiejing Group implements the Taishan Scholars Blue Industry Talent Team Project” New Sanlian Green Chemical ProcessContinue reading “Green Seaweed Extract Liquid”