seaweed water soluble fertilizer

Seaweed water-soluble fertilizer is a multi-element water-soluble fertilizer that can be completely dissolved in water. It can quickly dissolve in water and is easier to be absorbed by crops. Moreover, its absorption and utilization rate is relatively high. Of quick-acting fertilizers,it not only contains a large number of elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium required for crop growth, but also rich in a variety of middle and trace elements. In addition, it is specially formulated with various seaweed ingredients such as seaweed protein and seaweed polysaccharide.


  1. The raw material is ultra-pure and free of impurities: it can be safely applied to various economic crops.
  2. Reasonable ratio and long-lasting fertilizer effect: balance the various elements required by plants to meet the demand for high-yield and high-quality products.
  3. Highly water soluble, safe and harmless: high purity, completely water soluble, long-term application will not cause soil acidification and compaction.
  4. Easily absorbed and high utilization rate: Chelated trace elements can be completely absorbed by plants, with high utilization rate and high yield.

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: white powder

PH value: 3.0—9.0


Irrigation: 75-150 kg/HA, with an interval of 10-15 days is the best.

Drip Irrigation: The dosage is 75-150 kg/HA, and the drip irrigation is diluted by 500-1000 times, and it is best to apply once every 7-10 days.

Packing specification:




Seaweed water soluble fertilizer 20-20-20
Seaweed water soluble fertilizer 16-14-30
Seaweed water soluble fertilizer 15-5-30
Seaweed water soluble fertilizer 12-6-40
Seaweed water soluble fertilizer 30-5-15

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seaweed water soluble fertilizer

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