Seaweed fertilizer for walnuts

AlgaK + AlgaNPK + AlgaCa liquid seaweed extract trials on walnuts show improved fruit set and nut retention, as well as higher nut yields, resulting in excellent returns for the grower:

  • Improves rooting of nursery trees
  • Stimulates root and shoot development
  • Improves the development of new roots in spring
  • Better nut set and retention of bearing trees
  • Better nut yields
solid seaweed extract

AlgaeNPK 15-5-30 is a 100% water soluble seaweed fertilizer, which not only contains seaweed protein and seaweed polysaccharide, but also macro elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and middle and trace elements required for crop growth.

organic and inorganic compound seaweed fertilizer

AlgaK is a multi-element fertilizer that combines organic and inorganic nutrients and beneficial bacteria, it uses biological carbon sources, seaweed extracts and highly active beneficial microorganisms, combined with inorganic nutrients.

liquid seaweed extract foliar nutrition

AlgaCa foliar plant nutrition is made of liquid seaweed extracts and chelated calcium, which is rich in seaweed active substances like seaweed polyphenols, seaweed polysaccharides, calcium, trace elements, etc., and does not contain chemical hormones.

Recommended application rate

Post fruit setting: apply 250g-300g/tree of AlgaNPK 15-5-30 for drenching, and 800-1000times dilution of AlgaCa foliar spraying.
Fruit growing stage: apply 300-400g/tree of AlgaK.
15 days before harvest: apply 250-300g/tree of AlgaNPK 12-6-40 for drenching, it can promote walnuts size.

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