Seaweed/kelp Extract Powder

Seaweed extract powder/kelp extract powder The Seaweed (kelp) Extract Powder is extracted using non-toxic, 100 % natural and fresh ascophyllum nodosum. It is a reliable seaweed extract based fertilizer for different crops in order to enhance the crop production, which is highly enriched with different ingredients like cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins that make it highlyContinue reading “Seaweed/kelp Extract Powder”

Alginic Acid for Plants

Alginic acid is obtained from seaweed/kelp cell wall, and is an important fertilizer for plants. In addition to supplying nutrients, it also acts as a soil conditioner.Also called alginate, alginic acid is derived from kelp. It actually makes up a significant percentage of brown kelp’s mass, and is responsible for helping give the plant rigidityContinue reading “Alginic Acid for Plants”

Seaweed extract powder

Seaweed Extract Powder Specification Humic Acid % 33.1 Organic Matter % 48.5 Alginnic Acid % 18.2 N% 1.9 P2O5% 0.2 K2O% 18.1 N+P2O5+K2O% 20.2 PH 7.0-11.0 Seaweeed extract powder Use naturally imported brown seaweed growing in the cold water area of ​​25 degrees north-south latitude as the main raw materials, processed and refined by aContinue reading “Seaweed extract powder”

Seaweed foliar fertilizer

The seaweed foliar fertilizer is one type of Amino acid water-soluble fertilizer,which is made with concentrated seaweed extract liquid as raw material. The seaweed extract is from Ascophyllum Nodosum. It is rich in seaweed essence, concentrated peptides, trace elements, etc. It is safe and reliable, and can enhance crops stress resistance, and can induce autoimmunityContinue reading “Seaweed foliar fertilizer”

Liquid seaweed fertiliser

Liquid Seaweed fertiliser – Highly Active Biostimulant for plantsManin features: Promote production, increase output, improve quality, and resist stressIt is suitable for all crops, especially suitable for seedlings to grow roots, and plants to resume growth after low temperature.Jiejing high-concentrated natural seaweed extract is a natural organic fertilizer. Its core effective substance is natural seaweedContinue reading “Liquid seaweed fertiliser”

Liquid seaweed biostimulant

The biostimulant for formulations, supplied in large volume totes, contains a high level of actives that promote ultimate plant health, crop quality and yield. Activating  the plants natural biological activity The biostimulants contains several natural biologically active substances complemented by natural carbohydrate and carboxylic acid complexes that promote the natural production of elements essential and beneficialContinue reading “Liquid seaweed biostimulant”