Seaweed fertilizer for vegetable gardens

Seaweed fertilizer is essentially plant food just like bonemeal fertilizer.

Fertilizers made from seaweed are a great source of nutrients and trace elements (absorbed from the ocean) for plants grown in containers or even those grown on the ground.

They’re eco-friendly and sustainable and contain micronutrients to enrich your soil.

Although most seaweed fertilizer is marine kelp.

There are different types of seaweed fertilizers generally made of kelp extract and found in varying forms such as:

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer– best for plants grown in containers since it soaks through easily and plants get nutrients faster.
Seaweed Extract Powder– this is a very potent fertilizer and is obtained by drying out all the water from seaweed. It is extracted from brown seaweed such as Ascophyllum Nodosum, Laminaria, etc.
Seaweed/ Kelp Meal– this is essentially dried and crushed seaweed.

How Do You Use Seaweed Fertilizer in The Garden?
Seaweed fertilizers help improve your plants’ health.

They may be applied to the soil as mulch or mixed in with the compost pile.

Avoid rinsing the seaweed beforehand to remove the salt as this will take away many of its positive micronutrients and alginates.

The salt may get washed out by rainwater or hose down the soil after applying the fertilizer.

Alternatively, seaweed fertilizer can be applied through a foliar method – applying it directly onto the leaves.

What Are the Benefits of Using Seaweed Fertilizer in Your Garden?
Seaweed products are beneficial to your garden in a number of ways:

It contains nutrients such as NPK and magnesium as well as growth hormones encouraging healthy plant growth.
It is a form of mulch keeping the soil damp and reduces the amount of water needed.
It reduces the frequency with which you need to weed your garden since it doesn’t contain any seeds (possible weeds).
It keeps your vegetable garden free of pests such as slugs, worms and even birds since all these creatures despise the texture and saltiness of fresh seaweed.
It helps plants build immunity against fungi and diseases.
Unlike dry fertilizers such as compost and other mulches, seaweed doesn’t blow away in the wind.
Seaweed fertilizer keeps the soil aerated and healthy.
It enriches plants grown by hydroponic by providing them with the nutrients plants generally extract from the soil.

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