ICAB2020 Fifth International Conference on Agricultural Biostimulants

On September 25, the ICAB2020 5th International Agricultural Biostimulant Conference came to a successful conclusion in Nanning! The two-day summit of the current summit was successfully completed with keynote speeches + roundtable dialogues + interviews with big-name coffeemakers. Ma Chunyan, Vice Chairman of the Chemical Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Liu Jian, Chairman of the China Biostimulant Development Alliance, gave speeches, totaling 100 More than one company attended the meeting, and Fan Bin, the director of the company’s seaweed fertilizer business, attended the meeting on behalf of the company.

ICAB 2020 takes “change, integration, innovation and development” as the theme, focusing on microorganisms and metabolites, humic acid, seaweed extracts, chitin and chitosan derivatives, free amino acids and other nitrogen-containing substances, complex organic substances, inorganic salt compounds, Beneficial chemical elements and other biological stimulants, etc., based on the needs of growers, discuss how the biological stimulants after the epidemic can seize the opportunity, develop rapidly, and help the enterprise rebirth.

Shandong Jiejing Group is one of the first five companies initiated and established the China Biostimulant Alliance. It is the vice chairman of the China Biostimulant Alliance. Jiejing has been committed to promoting, demonstrating, and researching alginic acid for plants, liquid seaweed fertiliser, the application of seaweed extracts in agriculture, and joint research with alliance companies on the application, bioassay and quality improvement of seaweed extracts and other biostimulating products liquid seaweed concentrate, and make contributions to green, organic and ecological agriculture.

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