Training on Seaweed fertiliser for fruit trees and price offer

On the morning of August 25th, Haier Rishun Lenong organized a group of more than 60 Haier customer representatives. Under the leadership of Haier Rishun Lenong Manager Zhao Jie and others visited the seaweed fertilizer supplier-Shandong Jiejing Group Corporation. Haier Rishun Lenong visited the seaweed warehouse, liquid seaweed concentrate extract production line, the seaweed ecological fertilizer plant and listened to the product introduction report of Jiejing Seaweed Ecological Fertilizer, and deeply understood the culture concept of Jiejing Group and the advantages and characteristics of Jiejing Seaweed Fertilizer.

In the conference room on the third floor of the R&D center, Zheng Bin, technical director of seaweed fertilizer, explained Jiejing seaweed fertilizer benefits in improving soil, resisting stress, retaining water and fertilizer, and improving fertilizer utilization. He also showed the product’s effect on fruit trees like apples and other crops.

This event aims to improve the level of agricultural technology services, help customers solve various technical problems encountered in daily planting, and provide product solutions related to Jiejing Seaweed Fertilizer, which strengthens customers’ knowledge and understanding of Jiejing Seaweed Fertilizer. The atmosphere was enthusiastic and everyone enthusiastically ordered fertilizers. This event was a complete success, and at 2 pm, the customers returned with a rewarding experience. Through this interactive model, Goodaymart and Jiejing Group have achieved good results in multiple regions. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, they will help more farmers customize planting solutions, increase farmers’ production and income, and help large-scale agriculture development.

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