seaweed extract powder/flake


alginic acid>18%
organic matters >45%
Total Nitrogen1.0-3.0%
Potassium >16%
Trace elements >0.2%
Natural plant hormones>300ppm
solubility in water100%
appearanceblack powder or flake
seaweed extract powder specification

Application-foliar spray:

Crop speciesgrowth periodDilutioncrop speciesgrowth perioddilution
field cropsseedling period1000-1500fruit treebefore and after bud1200-1500
tillering stage800-1000after flowering1200-1500
elongation stage 800-1000 young fruit period800-1000
boot and heading 800-1000 fruit swelling800-1000
maturation stage 800-1000 after harvest500
vegetablesseedling period1200-1500smearing20-50
flower and bud differentiation period800-1000
fruiting period800-1000
seaweed extract powder or flake application for field crops and vegetables and fruit tree

Note: 1. in the reproductive growth period, it can be combined with monopotassium phosphate 0.2%, boron fertilizer, calcium fertilizer for spraying.
2. spraying interval should be greater than or equal to 7 days.
3. it can be mixed with most pesticides.
4. it should spray on sunny morning and leaves without dew.
5. the blades can be sprayed evenly on both sides.

Seed treatment: 20g diluted 10 times, seed dressing, sow after drying.
root dipping: 20g diluted 50-100times, add soil by water: soil = 5:1 (volume ratio), after stirring, dip root for 3 seconds, then transplanting.

Package: 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 20kg/carton

seaweed extract powder/flake

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