Seaweed Extract Powder for Vegetables, Fruits & All ornamentals

Seaweed Extract Powder Water Soluble Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables, Fruits & All ornamentals

Seaweed Extract Powder is a 100% fresh seaweed extract and naturally composed of nutrients, trace minerals, carbohydrates such as alginic acids and plant growth promoters.

Seaweed Extract Powder is the highly concentrated seaweed extract after dried processing, containing naturally occurred plant hormones and various naturally derived nutritional substances, is very effective in promotion of growth, development of shoot and roots, and stimulation of cell division.

A lot of gardeners have been using seaweed for centuries to improve their garden and farm soil.

Benefits of seaweed in the Garden & Farm
1.Enhancing beneficial microbial activity in the soil
Seaweed can stimulate the activities of beneficial organisms in the soil, especially in the pockets of the soil around the feeder roots. As a result, the root mass will become larger, where the ‘mycorrhizae’, a beneficial fungi and bacteria make their home. This area of the soil is called the ‘rhizosphere’. The activities in the rhizosphere can improve the ability of the plants to form healthier and stronger roots.

2.Enhance the natural ability of plants to prevent pests and diseases
Seaweed can improve both Biotic (Fungal, bacterial, Insect, etc.) and Abiotic (Drought & Salinity) stress tolerance and suppressing soil borne diseases such as nematode infections. When tomatoes are treated with seaweed they can tolerate temperatures as low as 29 degrees.

3.Providing a balanced spectrum of nutrients, inducing a vigorous growth of seedlings and balancing crop growth
Seaweed is a good source for nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium, it can enhance plant thickening, enlarging leaves, balancing leaf growth, promoting shoot elongation and breaking bud dormancy.

Seaweeds can also help the soil make more nutrients available for your plants. The rhizosphere creates a nutrient food bank for the plants. Because the seaweed can increase the mass and depth of the roots, the plants will be able to draw more moisture from the soil and it can increase your plants’ drought tolerance level. The mass of the roots can also allow the plants to absorb and use fertilizers that are applied to your garden plants and soil more effectively. The strong root structure can help your plants resist some root diseases.

4.Enhance Plant Photosynthesis
One advantage of using seaweed in the garden and farm is that, it can enhance photosynthesis by increasing the chlorophyll levels of a plant. Chlorophyll is the one that gives the plants their green color. When the chlorophyll level of a plant increases, it will increase its ability to harness the sun’s energy.

5.Seaweed extracts have a natural Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)
PGR’s are the ones who control the growth and structure of your plants. Auxins, cytokinins, and hormones are the major plant growth regulators. These PGRs are in very small quantities and they are measured in parts per million. Promoting flower bud differentiation, improving blossom and fruit setting rates, uniforming fruit color and fruit size.

6.Seaweed be used as fertilizer
Seaweed fertilizer contains an abundance of fully chelated (ready to use) micro-nutrients which can be readily absorbed by plants without any further chemical decomposition needed. Compacted soil can benefit as seaweed mulch breaks down. You can mixed with NPK fertilizer to apply, it can significantly enhance utilization ratio of nutrients

7.Increasing crop yield and quality and prolonging postharvest shelf-life

Suitable Crop
It is suitable for all crops and applications including field crops, potting soil, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards and turf grass.

General Application Guide

  1. Foliar Application:
    4 – 5 grams per 1 Liter water. Apply weekly or 2 weeks interval.
  2. Soil Drenching Application:
    40 grams per 1 Liter water. Apply 2 weeks interval or Monthly.
  3. Irrigation Water Application:
    Irrigation water by dripping solution use 100grams per 1 Liter water.
  4. Seed Treatment:
    3 grams per 10 Liters water, prior to planting or apply directly to seed bed.
  5. Rooting / Transplant Solution:
    For use as rooting medium, apply 2 grams per 10 Liters water; for use at the time of transplanting, dip root in a solution of 3 grams per 10 Liters water.

Example Crop Application
Fruit Trees
Foliar Application Stages:
1.Seedling Stage: 3 – 4 grams per 1 Liter water.
2.Flowering Stage: 4 – 5 grams per 1 Liter water.
3.Fruit Setting Stage: 4 – 5 grams per 1 Liter water.
4.Fruit Expansion Stage: 4 – 5 grams per 1 Liter water.

Fertigation Application Stages:
1.Flowering Stage: 5 – 8 Kg per Ha
2.Fruit Setting Stage: 5 – 8 Kg per Ha

Foliar Application Stages:
1.Seedling Stage: 1 – 2 grams per 1 Liter water.
2.Flowering Stage: 3 – 4 grams per 1 Liter water.
3.Fruit Setting Stage: 4 – 5 grams per 1 Liter water.
4.Fruit Expansion Stage: 4 – 5 grams per 1 Liter water.

Mixing Compatibility
Seaweed Extract Powder is compatible with most pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Some pH adjustment may be required with acidic mixtures. Use of glycol surfactants is not recommended. When interaction of chemical is unknown, a “jar” compatibility test is recommended.

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