Organic seaweed extract

Organic seaweed extract (powder and flakes)

Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer is a brown seaweed fertilizer extracted from Sargassum, or Laminaria. It has natural plant hormones and various natural nutrient substances, trace minerals, carbohydrates such as alginic acids, Polysaccharide etc. Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer is suitable for all crops including field crops, potting soil, vegetable and flower gardens, orchards and turf grass etc and has ample methods of application, such as foliar application, irrigating application (including irrigation in drops, irrigation by infiltration and spray irrigation etc.), soil application, soaking seed and so on.


Alginic Acid ≥ 18%

organic matters 48%

PH Of Solution 9 – 11

APPEARANCE Dark brown to Black Color


Foliar spray
Soil Application.
Seed treatment
Root dipping
To make your own formulations
Recommended Dosage for Seaweed Extract Powder / Flake Fertilizer:


Seaweed Extract Fertilizer is available in carton of 20 Kg with inner polyethene or in Paper Laminated Brown Bag of 20 KG.

The benefits of Seaweed Extract Fertilizer enable it to have the following effects on the plants:

Seaweed Extract Powder Fertilizer supplies Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash as well as trace minerals like Zn, Mn, Mg, Fe, etc.
Seaweed Extract Powder Fertilizer contains natural plant growth material like auxins, gibberlins and cytokinins.
The trace elements present in Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer are in naturally chelated form and are readily available to the plants.
Seaweed Extract Fertilizer promotes the general health of plant including drought and frost resistance.
The fruits and vegetables grown by application of Seaweed Extract Fertilizer have longer shelf life.
Seaweed Extract Fertilizer promotes stronger stem and leaf growth. It accelerates photosynthesis and further develops healthy foliage.
Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer promote faster germination of seeds and faster growth of plant.
Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer induces flowering, prevents shedding of leaves and prevents fall of unripe fruits.
Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer enlarges fruit size, increases the yield and improves the quality of the produce.
Seaweed Extract Powder / Flakes Fertilizer contains many sea life activity matters, algal sugar, iodine and etc. at the proper ratio. It can inhibit powdery mildew, grew mildew and red spiders effectively especially for glasshouse red spiders, corticium and other diseases.

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