Seaweed foliar feed (Boron chelated)

seaweed foliar feed chelated with B elements

product information:

The seaweed foliar feed is a marine physiologically active product created by the academician workstation of Jiejing Group using international advanced technology, using imported deep-sea seaweed to extract brown algae polyphenol chelated trehalitol boron, rich in seaweed active substances, seaweed polyphenols, seaweed polysaccharides, Zinc, trace elements, which can increase crop resistance, induce crop autoimmunity, self-repair, and achieve deep immunity.


  1. Boron trehalitol: use imported seaweed raw materials. Low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis has high extraction activity, which improves the ability to resist low temperature, high temperature, rain, and low light during the flowering period.
  2. Organic boron is not easy to fix, the content is as high as 150g/L, and it has good stability; it has good instant dissolution, strong penetrating power, and is an environmentally friendly product.
  3. Dual-channel absorption, high utilization rate: Boron can form boron sugar complex with organic matter (sugar alcohol) with small molecular weight, which is easy to penetrate, dual-channel absorption, high utilization rate, improves photosynthesis, promotes flowering, fruit setting, and Puffed fruit, beautiful fruit.
  4. Promote fruit sugar accumulation, anthocyanin accumulation, morning color, anti-cracking and anti-shrinkage, early maturity, improving quality.
  5. Efficient wetting, spreading and permeation functions: Efficient wetting agent prolongs leaf surface wetting time; Efficient spreading agent can be adsorbed on the leaf surface for a long time and is resistant to rain; Efficient permeating agent improves leaf nutrient penetration Ability to make crops easy to absorb. The synergistic effect of the three additives can effectively improve the nutrient absorption and utilization rate of the leaves.

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance: orange-yellow or yellow-brown viscous liquid

PH value: 7.0—10.0

Packing specification:


250ml/bottle*40 bottles/box

Plastic bottles, cartons

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